Honda Authorized Tire Center

Don Jacobs Honda has several different options when it comes to purchasing tires for your new or used Honda. We carry most major brands and are able to provide you with multiple options when it come to selecting the right tire for your budget and driving habits. We use a Good/Better/Best system to recommend the right tire for you and your driving habits.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Tires

Honda engineers worked closely with the original equipment tire manufacturer to develop a tire that optimizes all the performance attributes of your vehicle. Extensive testing was done in the lab, on the track, and on the road to ensure that the tires developed for your Honda provide the right balance of performance, comfort, wear, and fuel economy. When you replace your tires with tires that were originally specified for your vehicle, you’ll maintain the same performance and enjoyment with your Honda that you’ve had since day one. For these reasons, the original equipment manufacturer tire is the only tire Honda recommends for your vehicle, and the OE tire will always be the “Best” tire we recommend.

Non-OEM Tire Options

For your convenience, we also offer several Non-OEM tire options for your vehicle. Non-OEM tires are similar in many ways but will vary in certain specifications from your vehicle’s original tires. Because of the number of variable design characteristics, Non-OEM tires may perform a little differently, potentially altering the ride you may be accustomed to with original tires. Although we recommend that you maintain your vehicle’s original performance by choosing OEM specified tires, you may have other needs that could be met with another tire. Our highly knowledgeable staff will be happy to help you choose the tires that are best suited for your needs. Ask us today!

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