Honda BrakesGenuine Honda brake parts, designed by Honda engineers, specifically for your Honda’s braking system.

When you press your Honda’s brake pedal, the friction material on the brake pads is pushed against the brake discs to create friction which resists the rotation of the discs. Braking torque is transferred to the wheels and tires to slow or stop the vehicle. The same occurs on rear drum brake equipped vehicles when the brake shoes are pushed outward against the inside of the brake drums. Each time the brakes are used, a small amount of friction material, or “lining,” is worn off. Eventually, the thickness of the lining will diminish to the point where replacement is necessary. When this occurs is directly related to your driving habits, operating conditions, vehicle usage and frequency of brake maintenance. Regular inspection and servicing is required to maintain your Honda’s braking system in top working order. Follow the maintenance requirements stated in your Honda’s Owner’s Manual.

Genuine Honda Brake Pads & Rotors

When brake pads or shoes require replacement, insist on Genuine Honda Parts to maintain the original performance and reliability of your Honda’s braking system. Genuine Honda brake pads are engineered to the specifications of your Honda and will offer optimum stopping performance and wear patterns, while some aftermarket brake components can cause uneven wear patterns and squealing to occur. We also recommend the resurfacing of rotors when replacing your brake pads. This ensures that the surface of your rotors are perfectly flat and smooth and will help prevent uneven wear, and increase the life of your new brake pads.

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