Remote Start System

Original Key Fob Remote Start System - EXCLUSIVELY AT DON JACOBS HONDA

Unlike other remote start options that require a larger cumbersome remote, our Honda remote start uses your original Honda factory key fob. Our system is very intuitive and easy to use, offering all of the convenient features of other remote start options, without the need of a bulky external remote.

This system integrates with your Honda's existing security and immobilizer systems to ensure that your Honda remains protected from unwanted occupants. Our remote start system conveniently features both locked and unlocked modes and can only be driven away if the factory key is inserted into the ignition.

Our system also allows for you to exit the vehicle with your keys on your person while your Honda remains on, allowing your car to stay warm while you make a quick trips in and out of the cold. This system is exclusively unique to Don Jacobs Honda and can't be found anywhere else in Kentucky!

Our Honda remote start system works with most Honda models. It is currently available for vehicles with an automatic transmission. If you Honda does not meet this criteria, shop the Don Jacobs Honda eStore to find an OEM remote start system that fits your vehicle.

Warranty: 3 years or 36K miles when included with the purchase of your Honda. 12 month product warranty offered if system is purchased separately.

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