Honda Transmission Service

The transmission is one of the most vital components of your Honda, and to keep your car functioning normally requires routine maintenance. Due to the complex nature of your automatic or manual transmissions there are many working parts that must function properly for your vehicle to shift properly. Over time normal wear and tear will occur and can be accelerated by poor driving habits. As your transmission ages the transmission fluid can become degraded or contaminated causing improper lubrication. Transmission components which are improperly lubricated can cause abnormal metal-on-metal contact and will eventually lead to performance issues or even failure of the transmission. Our Honda transmission service will ensure that your fluids are clean and performing as they should. This will help keep your transmission shifting smoothly and help increase the life of each component in your transmission, and your transmission as a whole.

Honda Transmission Fluids

Automatic Transmission Fluid acts to cool and lubricate internal transmission components. Over time, the properties of the fluid diminish and replacement is necessary at the recommended service intervals for your Honda vehicle. An inspection of the transmission, fluid hoses, pipes, and cooler (if equipped) should be performed during recommended maintenance.

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